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The working principle of
The machine working principle is through the materials into the crushing chamber, in the activities of the high speed rotating toothed plate and the fixed fluted disc friction, shearing, impacting and material is broken under mutual impacts between the screen after the powder. Can form a complete set of 220 v or 380 v motor, the high-speed hammer mill, material into the crushing chamber and high-speed collision of the hammer and mutual impact between the material, so as to achieve rapid smash the ideal effect.
Technical parameters:
The electric voltage: 220 v
Power: 1500 w (380 v), 2200 w, 220 v)
Spindle speed: 5600 (r/min)
Grinding fineness: 5-80 mesh
Production: 20-200 kg/H
Or: 30 * 30 * 92 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Structural characteristics of
This crush all adopt high quality stainless steel, materials refined but become. This product conforms to the pharmaceutical production "GMP" requirements.

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